Experienced electrical services company for the Phoenix valley area.


PFD Electric LLC was founded in Phoenix, Arizona in 2008. Founders Bob Pohlmeyer and John Wertin have decades of industrial and commercial electrical distribution and control experience. Their skillsets are vastly diverse, but notable experience in:

Scientific and industrial gas production 

Material handling and conveyor systems

Industrial food processing

Asphalt and emulsion 

Commercial bottling industry

Concrete and gravel operations

Hospitality and hotel industry

Waster water and water treatment

Licensed-Bonded-Insured ROC L-11 245594

Bob Pohlmeyer

John Wertin


Originally from Lynn, Massachusetts, Bob began in the trade in 1972 as a student at Lynn Vocational Technical Institute's electrical program. Upon graduation he served as an apprentice for 3 years and obtained his Massachusetts Electrical Journeyman's license and went on to secure his Massachusetts Masters License.

He went on to spend 7 years with General Electric at the River Works Steam Turbine and Aircraft manufacturing plant. Here, he serviced electrical distribution and control systems for large machine tools, radio controlled overhead cranes, and an extensive array of motor control applications.

In 1988 he relocated to Phoenix, Arizona where he worked with some of the largest industrial and commercial electrical service contractors in the metropolitan Phoenix area. In 2008 he formed PFD Electric along with John Wertin to provide a personal, quality driven resource. With 48 years of experience as an electrician, he continues to take pride is the quality of service he delivers to their customers. 


John is a born and raised Arizonian and a fellow graduate of Chandler High School.
With over 30 years as an industrial electrician, John started his career with the completion of the ABA electrical apprenticeship program in Phoenix, Arizona.

Since then, John has built his rolodex of skills by investing a great deal of time in his career. From building and servicing the TRW air bag propellant facilities in Mesa, Arizona to traveling all over the country installing conveyor systems for various industrial and commercial customers. John is well versed in all aspects of electrical distribution and control and has extensive experience in material handling applications, as well as waste, water and water treatment facilities.

He and Bob have worked together for over 20 years.